Roses Kimono


The Roses Kimono is an elegant and luxurious garment crafted from 100% silk, known for its exquisite texture and natural sheen.

Made of thin silk, the kimono boasts a lightweight and delicate feel, providing an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience. The thin silk not only adds to the comfort but also imparts a graceful drape to the garment, creating a fluid and ethereal look.

The loose fit of the Roses Kimono contributes to a relaxed and effortless style, allowing for ease of movement. This loose silhouette adds an element of comfort and versatility, making the kimono suitable for various occasions and body types.

Featuring a double closure, the kimono is designed for both functionality and aesthetics. The dual closure adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design while offering options for styling. Whether worn open to showcase the flowing silhouette or closed for a more fitted appearance, the double closure enhances the kimono's versatility.

With its 100% silk composition, the Roses Kimono not only provides a luxurious feel but also exudes a timeless and classic elegance. The use of silk elevates the kimono to a refined and high-quality piece, suitable for special occasions or as a statement addition to everyday attire.



Composition : 100% silk


Details : Made of thin silk, extremely comfortable. Loose fit, double closure.


Featured with : Basic Cupro Trousers


Model is wearing : Size S (1.75m, 82 kg)


Returns & Exchanges : The product can be changed / returned within a maximum of 14 calendar days from the receipt of the package. More details can be found on the Terms and Conditions page.


Made in Romania